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samedi 7 février 2009


Funnily, the idea to make these experiments came
from Clayart, years ago a clayarter suggested that
washed wood ash could serve as a "calcium frit"
in high fire clays.
We made more tests than those presented
here (formulas). For a while I thot I would write
an article on this issue, then changed my mind,
"put evething on ice" for a while, wrote my
book on Toxicology and studied Esperanto.

As a starting point I used the chemical analysis
of Plainsman H-440 as published on their site.

The wood ash used was washed 3 to 5 times and
30 to 60 mesh-sieved.

Plainsman H-440 plus 10% Wood Ash

Plainsman H-440 plus 5% Wood Ash